“If thou are not versed in the business of adventures, get thee aside and pray…. Whilst I engage these giants in combat”

Don Quixote

Obviously since you are reading this article, you are interested in adventure. You read about other people’s lives and you yearn to live the life style that they have. Some of you want it so much that it literally consumes your being. All you can think about is overlanding, camping, and diverse cultures. Unfortunately you, like me, can’t always be in the bush all the time or be traveling to remote villages and immersing yourselves into a different way of life. But that shouldn’t stop you from having the “Wanderlust” mindset.

Behind the Hollywood SignFor example, I live an hour and a half from Los Angeles. I find myself almost every single day commuting into this vast city for work. While there if I have the opportunity, I try to adventure myself to ethnically diverse areas, like China Town for instance. There the culture is so different to the rest of the city that I feel like I’m in some foreign land surrounded by a whole new culture. Or if I’m in a totally different city or town I try to explore my surroundings because in reality we can find adventure everywhere we go.

Chinese Restaurant Once my wife and I where on our way to visit her parents home. After hours of driving we needed a nice break. We pulled off an exit which happened to be in the town of Salinas. Instead of going to the usual touristy areas we followed our sense of adventure and went deeper into the old town. We parked and walked a few blocks looking at the charming and quaint town as we stretched our stiff legs. We where hungry and Salinas was filled Mexican food, but that didn’t sound good to us. There was this very interesting Chinese restaurant that stood out among all the buildings. “Let’s give it a try”.The whole experience was awesome, our waitress and cook both came and greeted us. They made us feel like were family. The food was great and we walked away feeling that we had a one of a kind experience. We will always remember the people and our time in the little town of Salinas.

Downtown Los AngelesWanderlust is truly a part of our lives; overlanding, off-roading, and being in
nature is just a few of the mechanisms that can be used to continue our exploits. If we are unable to use these forms we can look to what’s around us to find ways to satisfy this urge that seems to always tug at us. Though our surroundings may seem ordinary and mundane to us, if we where to approach them with a new adventurous mindset like Don Quixote, they will become magical.

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