GEO Adventure Gear GT-165 (GEO – Global Expedition Outfitters)

Visually the GEO rooftop tent is a beautiful medium gray with lime green trimmings, it instantly stands out in the crowd of roof top tents because most are Tan and black. It also has become a great conversation piece with our friends when we are in the mountains camping. Setup is very simple and consists of unzipping the PVC Cover disconnecting a couple straps, pulling the ladder out and down then you’re all set to hop in. Versus your traditional tent which can be a serious headache in certain conditions. Sleeping in the tent is awesome it has a nice mattress that can be removed, but typically stays put while the tent is folded up and we even keep two pillows a fleece blanket and comforter folded inside the tent so we can hop right in once the roof top tent is deployed.

The GEO Rooftop tent cosmetics are awesome, comfort is unquestionable how about build quality? Overall, it’s a premium tent that holds its own with the “big brands”. We did however come across a few little things that the GEO roof top tent has that a few of the others do not.

I’ve had the privilege to compare these GEO roof top tents side by side with the top brands on the market and this has a cool feature that some of the others do not. The first thing we noticed is that it has very well sewn seams that have seam tape on ever single seam on this tent. Seam tape seals the holes where the needle has pushed the thread through. If a seam isn’t sealed moisture will eventually find its way in under wet conditions. I’ve come across other roof top tents that don’t have seam sealer which is no good. Another small thing we’ve noticed that the GEO roof top tent has is metal grommets for the window awning supports to pass through, whereas many of the competitors just have knife cut fabric and could possibly rip over usage.

The GEO roof top tent ladder is a huge improvement over many of the competitors, it is an adjustable telescoping aluminum ladder which easily gives you a handful of height options, whether you’re parked in a non level terrain or have a lifted rig you should be set. Many of the competitors have a slide loader that requires you to physically drill and set the stop for each height setting.

Overall, this Roof top tent is supreme and I’d highly suggest it as your next purchase. We are overwhelmingly happy with the entire setup and would without a doubt grab another in the future. I’ve told everyone that if I had to restart my FJ Cruiser overland build the first mod I would purchase is the rooftop tent.  

GEO Adventure Gear GT 165 roof top tent features


The Geo Adventure Gear Roof Top Tent will provide the ultimate experience when camping.

Very easy to unfold in minutes, a rooftop tent provides sleeping area off the ground, protected from the elements.

All bedding can remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up necessary storage space in the vehicle, and allowing the tent to be quickly and easily packed away.

Comes complete with mounting hardware, wrenches, ladder, and travel cover.

Geo Adventure Gear awnings can also be paired with the rooftop tent.


• Size Closed: 65″ W x 48″ L x 12″ H

• Size Open: 65″ W x 122″ L x 52″ H

• Sleeping Footprint: 65″ W x 96″ L

• Comes with Annex or Changing room

• Manufactured from high quality, 260 g Polyester Cotton; 600D rip-stop fabric with waterproof ventilate coating; UV and mold resistant

• Internal Frame made of 3/4″ aluminum tube

• Can be mounted to the rear or side of a vehicle or trailer

• Comfortable 2.5″ high density foam mattress with removable cover to facilitate cleaning

• Sturdy aluminum retractable ladder

• Insulated aluminum framed and clad base reduces weight and helps prevent cold seeping through the floor

• Window awnings or rain fly supported on spring steel stays which allow for windows to be opened during rain

• Flysheet made of 420D Polyester Oxford; PU coated, raised above the tent on multiple bows to keep the tent cooler in sun and eliminate condensation in the cold

• Permanent air vents reduce condensation

• Mosquito screened doors and windows

• Bungee cord system to assist with packing away the roof top tent

• Enhanced mounting system – no need to drill into roof rack or bars – simple to install and remove when not in use

• Travel Cover made of 1000g Heavy Duty PVC

• Comes complete with mounting hardware, wrenches, ladder, travel cover and comprehensive instructions

• Easily mounted to racks or roof rack.

• Annex included


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