dsc09450Camping can be one of the most enjoyable activities but yet in an instant become a horrific experience. Many people post pictures and videos of what seems to be a glamorous camping or overland excursion, but unfortunately those pictures fail to tell the real story. In reality camping is a lot of work and if you’re overlanding, dragging your fatigued body out of the vehicle to set up camp can be a daunting activity.

My wife and I had one such experience. When we where traversing the Mojave Road in a group, it took almost an hour and a half to just set up camp. Constant setting up and break-down of ground tents and gear made our trip unenjoyable. That moment we knew we had to find a solution to the lengthy set-up and break-downs. Thats when we turned to Front Runner Outfitter for their Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent.

First Impressiondsc09418

One of the first things that attracted me to this tent was the price. At $995, the price is reasonable for a roof top tent.

When I got the tent, I was blown away by how light the tent is. The tent only weighs 88lbs.  I know it is not as lightweight as a comparable ground tent but if you look at the roof top tent competition it is light. dsc09416

Unfortunately there is a lot of assembly that requires 2 people however that gives you a chance to admire the aluminum base, heavy duty hinges, and amazingly tough canvas.


When closed this tent is very slim and stream line. I love how it fits on my Jeep Wrangler 4 door, it almost seems like it was designed for it. It is not huge and bulky, furthermore it leaves enough space so I can fit all of my other kit into the vehicle. dsc09455

When deployed it brings the whole traditional safari look together. With the adventurous vibe that it gives, you will be inspired to get out more.

Interior dsc09464

Space, Space, Space! Its advertised as a 2 person tent but its more like a 2 and a half person. If you’re laying along side someone else, you have plenty of space to stretch out and feel comfortable.

Inside feels vey cavernous and if you unzip all the huge windows, you have one of the greatest 365 degree views of all roof top tents. No doubt this design feature had safari and touring in mind.


Fast and simple. See attached Video



Issue 1: Most people will defiantly notice the comfort of the built-in mattress. Due to trying to keep the tent stream line and light, the designers opted to make the foam mattress thin. Unfortunately your back and shoulder blades maybe be hitting the hard aluminum bottom.

Solution: put a blanket, or better yet, a comforter over the mattress, that will help distribute your weight.

Issue 2: The tent is very light, thats one of its biggest strengths yet its weakness. If you are not in the tent, a gust wind can actually close the tent. Had it happen to me in Lone Pine, Ca.

Solution: Guy it.

Issue 3: This is an issue that I have had with most of my products from Front Runner Outfitters and that is missing parts. I was missing a number of parts needed to mount my tent onto my Jeep. I ended up buying and custom making my own parts.

Solution: When you order call Front Runner Outfitter and ask them to double check their parts list for any missing hardware. They are very nice, helpful, and will put their customers first.

Overall I have been very pleased with my choice of Roof Top Tent; I wouldn’t have chosen another. The size, looks, and overall ease makes me love it more and more. If anybody is in the market for a Roof Top Tent, I will highly recommend getting the Front Runner Outfitter Feather-Lite roof top tent.