The Eureka Midori 3 was our first big upgrade for our budget friendly Coleman. It was without a doubt a great decision for under $200 you get features and quality that only comes with much more expensive brands.

No more waking up at 1:00 AM floating in 4 inches of water because the Eureka tent features a separate full coverage rain fly that acts as a separate barrier between you and the elements. The tent also includes sealed seams where it has been sewn which are typically the most common entry point for water and was a huge selling point for me.

Under the optional rain fly is a see through mesh type material that allows you to stargaze into the night of the weather is beautiful. The floor is a Tub style floor, which wraps up around the edges a few inches adding a nice barrier between you and water run off on the ground it also features sealed seams.

Inside the tent includes a nice hammock style basket above at the peak, which is great for miscellaneous items such as clothing. Small pouches are also located on the sides near the floor, which is excellent for keys, flashlights, and phones.

The Midori 3’s setup is surprisingly fast with the two pole cross pattern. Simply connect the poles, lay them in an “X” pattern to connect the bottoms and clip the sides onto the poles. No more sliding the poles through tiny fabric tunnels catching and ripping at the tent. I can set this tent up very, very fast.

If you’re looking to upgrade your store brand tent, and want to stay on a lower budget or getting into camping but don’t want to spend $500+ for a tent this is a fantastic option.

You can get it here at MooseJaw

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