Sun proof your roof top tent cover

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Roof top tents spend a lot of time collapsed on the roof and is constantly beaten by the elements and harmful UV rays. Over time the cover will begin to dry out, crack, and won’t provide sufficient protection as years pass.

But there is a product with a quality solution to this potential problem, 303 aerospace protectant which helps prevent fading and cracking, repels dust and staining, also improves luster. 303 also comes with an easy to use spray bottle in a variety of sizes making it simple to apply.

First step: clean the roof top tent well with a scrub brush and mild soap, be sure to let it dry completely.

Second step: Spray 303 Aerospace Protectant onto the cover and wipe it dry with a microfiber rag. That’s it!


Apply on a cloudy day.

If you’re applying the protection while the tent is on your vehicle I suggest covering everything that you do not want to get over spray on or you could remove the tent or tent cover completely to spray. I personally remove the entire tent so I can easily scrub the tent clean and apply.

Wipe runs immediately!

What you’ll need:

Water hose

Water bucket

Mild soap

Scrub brush

Scotch pad

Terry towel to scrub

Drying towel

Micro fiber cloth to wipe 303

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