Coffee is essential to start your day, but how do you get a great cup of coffee while on the trail or camping? In this article I’ll show you our two favorite methods to brew a great cup of Java.

Coffee percolator

  • Cost: $15-$25 But can much higher depending on brand and size
  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Clean up: Easy
  • Requires additional heat source (stove)

Amazon purchase link

Camp coffee percolator

The coffee percolator has been around for ages, it’s simple, easy to use, and can be found at very reasonable prices at almost any large chain store. This definitely is a fan favorite. The percolator works by continuously cycling boiling water through the grounds until you take it off the flame. The downside to this type of coffee brewing method is that it’s much harder to control the boil temperatures and may cause over extraction from the coffee grounds. But it’s a proven way to get you that cup of coffee in the morning. Expect a few grounds in your cup of coffee with the percolator.

Jetboil coffee maker

Jetboil Flash with coffee press kit

  • Cost: Varies depending on kits purchased
  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Clean up: Easy
  • Does not require additional heat source the Jetboil has its own burner and uses special fuel

Amazon links

Jetboil Flash $99

Jetboil Coffee Press kit $13

Jetboil Flash Java Edition $109

The Jetboil Flash with the Coffee press kit is our personal favorite, it can boil water in about 2.25 minutes and is essentially a French press style brew method which is arguably the best way to brew any coffee. To brew coffee in a Jetboil you’ll have to either buy the Coffee press kit which contains a stem and a filter plunger for you Jetboil or you can purchase the Jetboil Java edition which contains everything you need to start brewing coffee minus the fuel. Little to no grounds will be in your cup of coffee if the proper French press procedure is taken.

Jetboil coffee maker



Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Amazon purchase link

I personally have never used one of these coffee makers and have never met an individual that has used one, but the reviews aren’t too bad on amazon. It appears to be an average home coffee maker, but without the need for an electrical outlet. The coffee maker sits on top of the camp stove utilizing the heat to brew a few cups of coffee. If you have this coffee maker or have used it in the past let us know we’d love to hear your thoughts about it.

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