I’ve owned 2 Jeeps, 6 Toyota’s, 2 American trucks while they’re all good the personal sweet spot for me is the FJ Cruiser. It has a nice mix of comfort, power, and driving enjoyment is great. Also Ive owned the FJ for nearly 2 years so thats a new record. But enough with that, majority of my mods are more essential mods or pre-staging for future mods.

Current mod list –

ARB Bull Bar
Old Man Emu Heavy suspension
Snokel System
Scooba Mod
Nitto Terra Grapplers G2
N-fab 5 Light mount
GOBI Rear Ladder
2 Fog lights on bumper
5 Spot lights on Roof
2 Rear facing fog lamps
Tail light guards
Cobra WX75 Compact CB
Fire-stick 4′ Antenna mounted to ARB
Wilson CB components
RamMounts Laptop mount for navigation
Hadley Air Compressor
Hadley Air tank reservoir
*To be updated Im sure Im forgetting something


Future mods –

Roof top tent
Improved Roof rack
Front Locker
Ham Radio
Long arm suspension

Have any sugestions? Or want to have your truck build post? Email us at Joshua@earthboundoverland.com

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