BioLite Camp StoveIMG_4194

From time to time, I find some piece of gear that I like so much that I don’t know how I survived without it. An instrument so practical, genius, and exceptional that I can recommend it to be part of anybody’s kit. One such “gear” is the BioLite Camp Stove. The Camp Stove is something that has become a vital part of my overland cooking set. I have used it to roast marshmallows, to make coffee, and to cooking steaks.

What makes BioLite Camp Stove different then other stoves? Is it because it burns wood? No, many stoves burn wood. How about accessories? Well, a lot of stoves have attachments and kits that make cooking much easier. What makes the BioLite stand out is the heat generator built into the unit that powers an internal blower. This blower has two speeds and it allows a great amount of air to be pumped through the unit, keeping the fire inside of it burning hot. The fire then, through a thermal generator, charges an internal battery.IMG_4511

For my particular model, there is an USB plug that can charge my phone. I recently tested to see how well the unit could charge my phone, my iPhone being completely dead was plugged in for an hour straight as I constantly fed wood into the Camp Stove. The stove brought it back to life and charged it to 6%. I know not an amazing high speed charger. I was a little disappointed but while I was charging my phone I made camp coffee using the stove, and using the phone I checked my emails  and took some pictures.IMG_4198

There are a few attachments for the Camp Stove that can be purchased such as a water boiler and a grill. I don’t have the water boiler but I do have the grill. The grill is nothing short of amazing, it’s so good in fact that my wife and I completely replaced our at home BBQ with it. The grill burns so hot that it can cook a steak or burger within minutes. The heat dispersement is not even but its nice having half being hot to cook meat and the other perfect for veggies.IMG_4209IMG_4732

The Biolite camp stove is a great multitool; its usefulness is amazing. Being able to have a small contained fire that I can cook with and being able to charge my small electronics gives me such a time advantage especially when I’m on the move. Ultimately I can defiantly recommend this innovative stove.