As overlanders it’s in our nature to travel. To experience the new, not through some second hand account. We want to witness things first hand. We yearn for those wild places. We all seem to have that epic trip planned each year. These adventures usually last weeks, maybe months. Many of us are also setting out for weekend trips or short three to four day journeys. We’ll be targeting those weekend warriors in this article. That’s not to say these applications can’t be applied to extended trips as well.

So lets talk about food preparation.

     How can you make cooking in camp an easier experience? How many times have you been searching for cooking supplies that can’t be found? Or trying to prep food at miller_2012_201-13camp only to find out you forgot a key ingredient. We’ve all been there. Organizing and prepping your food and gear goes a long way.

       It all starts before you leave the house! Organization is key. Make yourself a list of all the items you need. Cooking oil, extra batteries, headlamps etc. Plastic totes or storage containers are great for organizing your cooking gear. They even keep the bread from getting smashed. Being organized saves you time later and keeps things running smooth.


So lets talk about food preparation. Having a meal ready to go saves you time at
camp. Which allows you to have more time to enjoy the great outdoors. Vacuum seal bags are great for prepping food. They don’t leak and are far more durable than regular plastic bags. Food stays fresher in vacuum-sealed bags and meat also marinates faster. The idea is to have your meats, veggies, and anything else cut up and ready to be cooked. So all you have to do at camp is cut open the bag and start cooking. This saves time on clean up as well, because there’s no prep in camp.

 Use bear proof containers or coolers to store food in

miller_2012_207-14            Speaking of clean up. Yes unfortunately there’s always clean up. Bears and other wildlife are attracted to the smells of food.
With spring coming up and bears coming out of hibernation in many parts of the country. It’s our responsibility to clean up and store food correctly. Use bear proof containers or coolers to store food in. Clean up your dishes and don’t leave scraps out. Many companies make portable dish sinks. They’re great if you’re out where there are no facilities available to do dishes.

Just doing these little things can make your camping experience a more enjoyable one. Stayed tuned for new articles from Venture Overland about photography, wildlife, product reviews, and overlanding. Stay safe out there and venture on.

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