Hoka One One Tor Ultra HiHoka One One Tor Ultra Hi

For me, like so many others, boots are my go-to footwear. I tend to wear boots almost everyday for work, hiking, and off-roading. Because of my “multi-sport” usage of boots I needed a lightweight boot that would be comfortable wearing on the job as well as on the trail. So I decided to buy the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi.IMG_4314

First thing I noticed was how light weight  theTor Ultra Hi were, something that was very new to me since I always wore heavy boots for construction. The color I chose, Oxford Tan, gives the boots a very clean and tactical look.  With a combo of leather and synthetic materials making up the boot’s construction, I could see that the design was based off running shoes, no doubt due to Hoka One One’s history.IMG_4318

Wearing the boots, I feel like I have a pair of heavier running shoes on my feet. The thick cushion on the soles makes my feet feel weightless as I walk, run, or hike. I don’t feel small rocks and unevenness in terrain which helps me avoid fatigue. While climbing over rocks I never feel like I’m lacking in traction with the help of the Vibram rubber soles. Driving with the boots can be a little difficult at first, since the thick sole makes it more difficult for me to feel out the pedals. Over time and with practice my pedal sensitivity has increased. Over all the Tor Ultra Hi are the most comfortable boots I have ever wornIMG_4296

Unfortunately, these boots are not perfect. The “BIG” complaint that I have is durability. After owning these boots for 3 months, bottom soles are literally falling apart; the thick foam is splitting, chucks are chipping off the bottom, and the Vibram rubber is separating from the sole. Luckily I can fix part of the issues using industrial adhesive. The leather isn’t very durable as well; it ripped on me after the first week. Also the boots, even though they are said they are waterproof, leaked when I was in the rain for a few hours.

Over all the Tor Ultra Hi are very nice boots to have if you are going to be using them for casual recreation. You will feel the awesome support they give the minute you put them on, and you will not want to take them off. Just be sure that when you are using them, be mindful of where you are using them, how you are using them, and what weather you are using them in.


Disclaimer: I wear my boots 6 days a week 10 hours a day, For work and for play.