When traveling we all have or will experience the great joyous time of cleaning an explosion of shampoo that has gone nuclear. You know how it goes; driving along, the smell of fresh sent of Head and Shoulders hits your nostrils like a freight train. Having to pull over, remove everything out of the back of your vehicle just to find that your shampoo leaked its nuclear ooze all over your clothing. “What a mess.”dsc09467

If you have experienced this scenario then you must have thought, “there must be a better way of handling shampoo.” I’ve personally tried many different options but the easiest one I have found was to ditch the liquid and go solid. Many people don’t know that there are solid bar shampoos and the market has many different options for people with different hair types. The one that I’m partial to is the J. R. Liggett’s Original Formula Shampoo which is a more natural bar shampoo and is biodegradable.  https://jrliggett.com/bar-shampoo/original-formula-shampoo-bar.htmldsc09470


  1. My favorite reason I love using bar shampoo is the fact its solid. No need to worry about exploding shampoo bottles and TSA travel sizes.
  2. The standard bar size lasts as long as a large bottle of liquid shampoo.
  3. There is a savings in weight and size so for the minimalist traveler or overlander this will be a God sent
  4. Best of all they are the same price as regular shampoo!


  1. Might dry out your hair if you don’t choose the right one for you.

Either you are in the need of new shampoo or working on the perfect travel Dopp Kit you should take a look at bar shampoos. They have made my life a little easier in terms of traveling and home. I would recommend any serious traveler or overlander to make the switch from liquid to solid.